Conflicts by region

Australia currently has an active military force in two major world conflicts, those in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Australian military also has a peace-keeping role in a range of other regional conflict and post-conflict zones, including West Papua and East Timor. 

  • There are estimated to be around 30 armed conflicts every year in the world. Each conflict is unique with particular historical, political, social and cultural factors.
  • These conflicts kill hundreds to thousands of people each year, the majority of them civilians.
  • Many of the current conflicts appear intractable and drawn-out. ...more on causes and costs of war

As a member of the United Nations, Australia is obliged to seek practical, constructive and realisitic outcomes on armed conflicts within our region and others.

MAPW provides an overview of several current regional conflicts in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, and provides links to reputable sources for further information.