Chemical weapons

There are weapons worse than chemical ones - the Age - letters page Monday April 2017

There are weapons worse than chemical ones

MAPW - Conventions on chemical, biological and environmental warfare - 2014

Some means of waging war are so inhumane, or represent such a violation of human rights, that their use is considered a war crime. Chemical and biological weapons, and environmental warfare, are all illegal under international law, on these grounds.

Syria's chemical weapons: IPPNW statement of concern

IPPNWi Executive is alarmed by reports that the Syrian government may be preparing to use sarin agents or other chemical weapons. Such an act would be a war crime. (MAPW is the Australian affiliate of the global IPPNWi.)

IPPNWi's statement of concern follows recent reports that suggest that the Syrian government may be preparing chemical weapons.

Agent Orange

A talk given by Dr Sue Wareham, Vice President of MAPW to the public meeting “Agent Orange: an ongoing human tragedy and an act of environmental vandalism”, organised by Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom at the ACT Legislative Assembly. Friday April 27, 2012.

MAPW presentation: chemical and biological weapons — 2006

MAPW presentation giving an overview of chemical weapons and biological weapons and some examples of their use. Also details international treaties to ban these weapons, and which countries have signed these treaties. Part of a 2006 MAPW series of presentations designed to assist members speak on these topics.

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