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Australia raises Nuclear Weapons Convention at Treaty meeting

GENEVA 30 APRIL 2008. ICANi'S TIM WRIGHT REPORTS:Australia today delivered a statement on nuclear disarmament to the Non-Proliferation Treaty meeting in Geneva. It was much different from statements made in previous years.

Australian NGOs attend UN non-proliferation meeting

GENEVA, 30 APRIL 2008: MAPW Vice-President Tilman Ruff is currently in Geneva attending the NPTi PrepCom (28 April – 9 May), an important meeting of states which are parties to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Tilman is one of two NGOi representatives invited to be on the official Australian delegation.

2020 summit prioritises nuclear disarmament

CANBERRA 21 APRIL 2008. Nuclear disarmament was included in the  "priority themes" developed at the weekend summit. 

The stream discussing Australia's security and prosperity in a rapidly changing region and world, listed among five priorities:

Assert new leadership in global governance:

MAPW representative to join Australian non-proliferation delegation

MAPW immediate Past President Dr Tilman Ruff has been invited to represent Australian non-governmental organisations on the Australian delegation to the 2008 Preparatory Committee for the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPTi PrepCom), which begins in Geneva in late April. 

Oslo conference: Achieving the Vision of a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

The Government of Norway, with the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and the Hoover Institution, convened an international conference on Achieving the Vision of a World Free of Nuclear Weapons, in Oslo on 26 – 27 February 2008.

The grim reality: the global nuclear situation. Dr Frank Barnaby - 1998

At the IPPNWi XIIIth World Congress, 1998, Dr Frank Barnaby outlined global nuclear arsenals - that t

NPT — Nuclear Proliferation Traders. Jean McSorley - 2000

Jean McSorley, independent anti-nuclear campaigner since 1980, discusses the 2000 NPTi Review Conference and “peaceful uses of nuclear technology”. Pape

Labor and Nuclear Disarmament. Laurie Brereton MP - 2000

The 2000 MAPW National Conference address by Laurie Brereton, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Federal Member for Kingsford-Smith, Australian Labor Party, New South Wales. This paper reflects the then policy of the Federal ALP on issues of nuclear disarmament.

Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and US withdrawal. IPPNW - 2002

The USA officially withdrew from the Anti Ballistic Missile (ABMi) Treaty on 13 June 2002.

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