Nuclear tests

NZ nuclear veterans' long term chromosome damage: Rowland 2008

"Elevated chromosome translocation frequencies in New Zealand nuclear test veterans", by Associate Professor Al Rowland and other Massey University researchers, is a significant study documenting health effects for NZ sailors who witnessed Britain's Grapple nuclear tests at Christmas Island in the 1950s.

The grim reality: the global nuclear situation. Dr Frank Barnaby - 1998

At the IPPNWi XIIIth World Congress, 1998, Dr Frank Barnaby outlined global nuclear arsenals - that t

JPPNW message at Nagasaki Day rally - 2002

An appeal from Hiroshima by Kenjiro Yokoro, MD, of the Japanese Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Speech presented in Australia by Dr Tilman Ruff on behalf of JPPNW on August 1, 2002.

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