Nuclear tests

Forum: Who will stop nuclear next use?

Event Date: 
Sun, 20/09/2009 - 10:00 - 16:00

Australia-Japan civil society cooperation for nuclear disarmament.

This forum is part of five days of activitites.


- Rolf Ekeus, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

- Gareth Evans, Co-chair, International Commission of Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament

MAPW meets Kelvin Thompson MP

Event Date: 
Sat, 29/08/2009 - 15:00 - 16:00

Members' event. Kelvin Thomson MP chairs the Australian Parliament’s Joint Committee on Treaties, which is currently finalising an important report regarding Australia’s nuclear treaties, to which MAPW has contributed written and oral submissions.

World military expenditures in 2008 were more than US $1.46 trillion

THURSDAY 11 JUNE. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRIi), world military expenditures in 2008 were more than US $1.46 trillion, with the US spending $607 billion, or 41.5% of the total. China moved up to second place, with $84.9 billion (5.8%). Those two, along with France, the UK, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and India, in that order, comprise the top ten military spenders as a percentage of GDP.

London: Court case victory for UK and Pacific nuclear veterans

Court victory another step in nuclear veterans' lengthy compensation battle

Over 20,000 British, Fijian, New Zealand and Australian military personnel witnessed Britain's nuclear testing program in Australia and the Pacific between 1952 and 1958.

MAPW Newsletter Winter 2009

MAPW's National Newsletter for Winter 2009 features an article from Dr Bill Williams about the movement on nuclear abolition. Furthermore, there's an update about the situation in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, as well as a Townsville report and other peace activities listed.

North Korea nuclear weapon test: time for test ban

MELBOURNE, 25 MAY 2009. Reports of a North Korean nuclear weapons test have brought new calls for a treaty to ban nuclear tests, and for progress towards abolishing nuclear weapons. MAPW Vice President, Associate Professor Tilman Ruff, has called on existing nuclear weapons states to get rid of their nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Disarmament - the right time is now! May 2009

Join Dr Tilman Ruff (NGOi Adviser to the International Commission on

MAPW reporting from the NPT PrepCom

NEW YORK: MAPW Vice-President Dr Ruth Mitchell is writing daily reports from the United Nations Preparatory Committee for the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which began in New York on 4 May.

MAPW National Newsletter Autumn 2009

MAPW's National Newsletter for Autumn 2009 features Tilman Ruff's visit to the particularly unsafe uranium mine at Jadugoda in India; the Gaza conflict and concerns on use of phosphorus, and new and dangerous weapons.

MAPW 2008: Nuclear weapons, nature and society

In this report, MAPW President Dr Sue Wareham, argues that nuclear weapons represent mankind’s ultimate confrontation with the natural environment that sustains us. Areas covered include nuclear accidents, nuclear waste and the effects of nuclear tests. Prepared for the Biosensitive Futures website of the Nature and Society Forum, November 2008.

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