Nuclear chain

Muckaty: dumping on the territory. Dr.Peter Karamoskos. December 2011.

An article by Dr.Peter Karamoskos on the proposed radioactive waste dump at Muckaty. The article, printed in the Northern Territory News on Saturday 10 December 2011, was written in response to an editorial in that paper repeating the assertion that the radioactive waste to be stored will be largely nuclear medicine waste.

MAPW Fact Sheet: Muckaty Basics - December 2011

This MAPW fact sheet discusses the proposal to store and dispose of nuclear waste on Aboriginal land at Muckaty in the Northern Territory. It describes the type of waste, and what is planned for burial or above-ground storage. It debunks the myth that a radioactive waste dump is needed for nuclear medicine waste.

Selling uranium to India: an ICAN and MAPW joint media release, 4 December 2011

Labor sells out on nuclear non-proliferation, a joint media release from MAPW and ICANi on 4 December, following the ALP conference decision to sell uranium to India.

Uranium sales to India: Health and environment groups write to ALP delegates November 2011

2-page letter to ALP National Conference 2011 delegates, on the proposed sale of uranium to India.

Is selling uranium to India legal?

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICANi) has received legal advice casting doubt on the legality of Julia Gillard's proposal that the Australian government should sell uranium to India.

Illegality of uranium sales to India. November 2011

A two page briefing paper by Tim Wright summarising the legal opinion on uranium sales to India provided to ICAN by Professor Donald Rothwell of ANU.

Uranium sales to India: legal advice

Formal legal opinion provided to ICAN by Professor Don Rothwell from the Australian National University states that the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty prohibits Australia from selling uranium to countries that have not accepted full-scope safeguards.

Uranium sales to India: 2010 fact sheet

2010 4-page fact sheet written by Dr Jim Green for the Nuclear Awareness Project, funded by the MAPW Peace Fund.

Alice Springs at risk from transport of radioactive waste: MAPW NT members

An Alice Springs-based team of doctors has completed a study of the potential risks of transport of radioactive waste materials, and launched a fact sheet to explain its findings.

MAPW Fact Sheet: Transport of radioactive waste to Muckaty - November 2011

Outlines the risks to humans and the environment, of transporting radioactive waste by truck, to remote outback Northern Territory, where it is proposed that there should be a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty, near Tennant Creek. Fact sheet prepared by MAPW's Northern Territory Branch.

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