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Costs, risks, and myths of nuclear power: NGOii world-wide study on the implications of the catastrophe at th

After the deluge: Impacts of the reactor damage at Fukushima

"After the Deluge: Short and Medium-term Impacts of the Reactor Damage Caused by the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami" was published on 17 March 2011, the week after the earthquake, by Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability including contributors in Australia, the US and Japan.

FOE Fukushima disaster briefing paper March 2012

Japan's nuclear scandals and the Fufkushima disaster is a paper written by Dr Jim Green of Friends of the Earth on the 2011 disaster in Japan.

What is the radiological situation at Fukushima one year after the disaster?

Don't hold your breath for Fukushima radiation toll is an article written by former president of MAPW and current chair of ICANi, Tilman Ruff. It was published recently in The conversation, a journal of the university and research sector.

Let the facts speak: nuclear accidents chronology

On 11 March 2012, the first anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, The Greens launched the fourth edition of Let the facts speak, a chronology of nuclear accidents. "This is not a work of analysis or opinion, but a straightforward chronology of nuclear accidents, incompetence and disaster spanning seven decades".

MAPW Fukushima one-year summary: March 2011

A two-page review of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident including health and human impacts of the disaster, mismanagement, and proposals regarding what needs to be done. Prepared by Dr Margaret Beavis for MAPW, at the first anniversary of this nuclear disaster in Japan. In dot point format as a resource for letters and articles.

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