Nuclear chain

MAPW National Newsletter Spring 2012

This issue of MAPW's national newsletter features a report by Dr Jenny Grounds on the biennial IPPNWi Congress in Hiroshima

Not to late to leave uranium in the ground

The safety and legality of uranium sales are raised by member Glenys Davies in The West Australian on 23 October 2012 in a letter responding to an article by Thom Woodroofe.

India certainly is "more than cricket" as headlined in the Opinion piece by Thom Woodroofe in yesterday's West Australian.

Indian doctors urge Gillard not to supply uranium

Indian doctors in India have called on Australia's Prime Minister to work together with India on renewable resources, not nuclear energy.

A statement issued by Dr Arun Mitra, President of Indian Doctors for Peace and Development, to mark the PM's visit, praises Australia for not having nuclear power, saying:

Hazards of selling Australian uranium to India

Julia Gillard's visit to India this week is expected to try to pave the way for Australian uranium sales to India. MAPW has consistently opposed the sale of uranium to India, which is not a signatory of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and has refused to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Media Release, “No radiation is without risk”: Doctors oppose expansion of Roxby Downs uranium mine - July 2012

Media release marking presence of MAPW members at Lizards Revenge anti-uranium-mining protest camp near Roxby Downs mine. Includes comment from Dr Hilary Tyler on health hazards of radiation in uranium mining and the rest of the nuclear chain.

Doctors oppose expansion of Roxby Downs uranium mine

MAPW members are reminding the community about the dangers of radiation by attending the Lizards Revenge, a protest camp next to the Roxby Downs uranium mine gates. 

Dr Sue Wareham hands over Yokohama postcards to Australian Government

Postcards calling on Australia not to fuel another nuclear catastrophe, were signed by Japanese people in Yokohama in January 2012 at the Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World. They were addressed to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (see picture below).

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