Nuclear chain

Associate Professor Tilman Ruff

Position within MAPW: 
Co-President, IPPNW

tilman [dot] a [dot] ruff [at] mapw [dot] org [dot] au 
or via MAPW Executive Officer: (03) 9023 1958 or 0431 475 465

Professional Qualifications: 
MB, BS (Hons); FRACP
Current field of medicine: 

Tilman Ruff is an infectious diseases and public health physician; Associate Professor in the Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne; medical advisor for the International Department of Australian Red Cross; and technical advisor on immunisation in Pacific island countries for UNICEFi and AusAID.

Special areas of interest: 
Nuclear weapons, biological weapons, nuclear power and the links between civil and military nuclear industries. Iraq.

Associate Professor Tilman Ruff is Co-President of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNWi, Nobel Peace prize 1985);  a member of the National Council, and former President,  of the Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia); Australian Management Committee member and IPPNWi Working Group Chair, for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICANi).


The nuclear chain

In addition to nuclear weapons concerns, the persistent problems associated with uranium mining, nuclear exports, nuclear power and long-lived nuclear

Response to UMPNER draft Report

MAPW has elaborated a response to the draft report of the Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Energy Review, after having presented a detailed submission to the Review outlining its concerns about health, safety, environmental damage and weapons proliferation. The file was produced in December 2006

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