Nuclear waste

Joint statement on Nuclear Medicine in Australia

This 2-page statement has been developed by the NT Branch of MAPW and partners. It asks for an inquiry into radioisotope production and nuclear medicine waste disposal prior to the construction of any radioactive waste dump in Australia.

MAPW National Newsletter Autumn 2011

MAPW newsletter as mailed to members. This edition has feature articles on radiation hazards, and on the health risks created by the nuclear reactor crises at Fukushima, and 25 years ago at Chernobyl. 8-page A4. April 2011. 

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Nuclear projections look shaky after Fukushima: Nic Maclellan

In recent years, concern over climate change and the environmental impact of coal-fired plants has spurred renewed interest in generating electricity from nuclear power. But nuclear industry projections for new reactor construction were looking shaky even before the post-tsunami nuclear crisis in Japan. Article by researcher Nic Maclellan: March 2011

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Dr Bill Williams speaks on Fukushima, and Australia's responsibility (video)

Dr Bill Williams explain MAPW's concerns about Fukushima and the nuclear industry, in this one-minute video.

Doctors explode Ferguson's nuclear myths: MAPW media release

MAPW media release stating that the argument Australia needs a radioactive dump in the NT to continue supply of nuclear medicine is “malignant”, and deploring the use of this argument by politicians to mislead the public during the parliamentary debate on the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill.

Doctors explode Ferguson's nuclear myths

The argument we need a radioactive dump in the NT to continue supply of nuclear medicine is described as “malignant” in a MAPW media release.

The National Radioactive Waste Management Bill is currently being debated in federal parliament. If passed, this legislation would see Muckaty, 120km north of Tennant Creek, as the only site initially assessed for a radioactive waste dump.

Choose nuclear free

Choose Nuclear Free is an initiative of the Medical Association for Prevention of War, ICANi, and Friends of the Earth, Australia.

Help us build a nuclear-free future!

Nuclear medicine explained in MAPW myth-busting fact sheets

A new MAPW fact sheet published today, describes in simple language how what nuclear medicine is, and how it is used for diagnosis and treatment.It also explains what is NOT nuclear medicine (it does not include x-rays, or CT scans, for example).

MAPW fact sheet: Nuclear medicine

This MAPW fact sheet describes how nuclear medicine is used for diagnosis and radiotherapy treatment. It explains what is NOT nuclear medicine (eg x-rays and CT scans). It summarises the dangers of ionising radiation. It debunks two myths: that Australia needs a nuclear reactor to produce radioisotopes (materials for nuclear medicine); and that we need a radioactive waste dump for its waste.

MAPW briefing paper: nuclear power and public health. May 2010

A comprehensive briefing paper on nuclear power and public health, written by Dr Peter Karamoskos MBBS, FRANZCR and initially published online by the Evatt Foundation. This 20-page downloadable version includes full references. The paper discusses evidence regarding both occupational health issues for nuclear industry workers, and broader public health issues.

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