Nuclear terrorism

The grim reality: the global nuclear situation. Dr Frank Barnaby - 1998

At the IPPNWi XIIIth World Congress, 1998, Dr Frank Barnaby outlined global nuclear arsenals - that t

Proliferation threats: real or imagined. Richard Broinowski - 2000

Former Australian Ambassador and author of Fact or Fission - the Truth About Australia's Nuclear Ambitions, Professor Richard Broinowski gives an overview of the links between nuclear technologies and proliferations risks, and the challenges these pose. Paper presented at the 2000 MAPW National Conference.

Proliferation dangers associated with nuclear medicine (HEU). MAPW - 2008

The near-universal use of weapons-grade, highly enriched uranium (HEUi) to produce radiopharmaceuticals used in medicine, is a significant hazard.

Nuclear terrorism

Currently, 438 commercial nuclear power plants or nuclear research reactors are operating in around 60 nations. Nuclear reactors and associated facilities, particularly spent fuel storage facilities, which contain large quantities of long-lived radioactive substances, potentially pose a highly attractive target for terrorist attack.

Nuclear terrorism could happen by: