Nuclear power

MAPW President: 'Nuclear delusions keep mushrooming'

MAPW President Dr Bill Williams has written to Australian PM Kevin Rudd to applaud the PM's 'recently expressed commitment to continue to reject nuclear power as an energy source in Australia'.

MAPW letter to Australian PM : 'Australia, nuclear power and a healthy future for all', November 2009

6 November 2009: Letter from MAPW President Dr.Bill Williams to Australian PM Kevin Rudd concerning 'Australia, nuclear power and a healthy future for all'.

MAPW President slows down nuclear spin

MAPW President Bill Williams was invited to submit an opinion piece on the future role of nuclear power, to The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald following a prominent article and Age editorial on nuclear power, on Tuesday 13 October.

Is nuclear energy the answer?

Event Date: 
Thu, 01/10/2009 - 19:00

The nuclear comeback - is nuclear energy the answer?

Screening of  the excellent documentary "Uranium: Is it a Country?"

A discussion will be followed with Jim Green, National Nuclear Campaigner, Friends of the Earth.

Action against BHP Billiton

Event Date: 
Thu, 26/11/2009 (All day)

In 2008 a mixed group of BHP shareholders, traditional owners and environmentalists came together to highlight the discrepancies between BHP's promotion of themselves as environmentally and socially responsible, and the reality of the huge impacts from their mines, on the communities and the environment.

In 2009, BHP's Annual General Meeting in 2009 is in Brisbane on the 26th of Novembe

MAPW Fact Sheet: Nuclear ship visits to Australia, 2009

This two-page fact sheet covers the history of nuclear powered and nuclear-armed ships to Australia, as well as detailing the hazards to health and to the environment which nuclear ship visits bring. The fact sheet lists examples of nuclear incidents, both accidental and intentional, involving nuclear weapons; and nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed vessels — both surface ships and submarines.

North Korea and the possibilty of a nuclear free world

28 MAY 2009. North Korea's nuclear tests brought the political world to a halt and caused concerns about the possession and complete abolition of nuclear arms. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has published a series of articles on the North Korean tests, including the possibility of a world without any nuclear weapons and what implications it would have if complete abolition were to occur.

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