Nuclear medicine

MAPW fact sheet: Nuclear medicine

This MAPW fact sheet describes how nuclear medicine is used for diagnosis and radiotherapy treatment. It explains what is NOT nuclear medicine (eg x-rays and CT scans). It summarises the dangers of ionising radiation. It debunks two myths: that Australia needs a nuclear reactor to produce radioisotopes (materials for nuclear medicine); and that we need a radioactive waste dump for its waste.

The Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Repository - MAPW fact sheet. 2010

An MAPW fact sheet about the proposed Northern Territory Nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station. The fact sheet explains the types of radioactive material that will be stored in the repository, and debunks the myth that the dump is needed for disposal of medical radioactive waste.

MAPW Fact Sheet: Radiation, 2010

A basic fact sheet on radiation and health, including an explanation of "safe" levels of radiation and a brief discussion of health implications of the nuclear industry.

Doctors debunk medical need for nuclear waste dump

MAPW has noted with concern the announcement by Energy Minister Martin Ferguson that the Australian Government will pursue Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory as the preferred site for a nuclear waste dump. MAPW President, Dr Bill Williams, refuted Mr Ferguson's claim that the dump was needed for disposal of radioactive medical waste.

Is nuclear energy the answer?

Event Date: 
Thu, 01/10/2009 - 19:00

The nuclear comeback - is nuclear energy the answer?

Screening of  the excellent documentary "Uranium: Is it a Country?"

A discussion will be followed with Jim Green, National Nuclear Campaigner, Friends of the Earth.

MAPW: Draft policy on highly enriched uranium (HEU)

Draft policy for professional organisations on highly enriched uranium (HEUi).

MAPW- IPPNW: HEU fact sheet - 2008

IPPNWi fact sheet adapted from the 2007 article by B Williams and T Ruff in

International campaign to stop HEU use in radiopharmaceutical production

MAY 2008: IPPNWi has launched a medical campaign, as part of ICANi, to accelerate the global conversion of radioisotope-producing reactors from highly enriched uranium (HEUi) to low enriched uranium (LEU).

A new clear direction: Securing nuclear medicine for the next generation. MAPW - 2004

This 2004 MAPW study concluded that the new nuclear reactor then planned (and since built) at Lucas Heights in Sydney, was not needed for medical purposes. It describes the argument that the reactor was needed for nuclear medicine, as a "myth", arguing that isotopes can be imported, produced in some cases without a reactor, or that other diagnostic procedures can be used.

Lucas Heights replacement

Proposed Replacement Nuclear Research Reactor at Lucas Heights, Sydney, Australia

MAPW policy statement adopted February 2002

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