Nuclear accidents

A public health perspective of the Fukushima nuclear disaster by Tilman A Ruff

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is far from over and remains a global health concern. Commercially and institutionally, vested interests have undermined public health and safety.   Tilman Ruff’s analysis of the current situation was recently published in the journal Asian Perspective.


Fukushima Nuclear Plant - Japan's PM says government will get more involved in clean up


Japan's prime minister says the government will get more involved in cleaning up the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, as he described as "urgent" a battle to stop radioactive water from leaking into the ocean.

Fukushima radiation: 2012 report

UN special Rapporteur Anand Grover's report (advance unedited version) on mission to Japan from 15-23 November 2012.

Fukushima 2 years on: MAPW Geelong meeting flyer March 2013

B&W flyer for MAPW meeting in Geelong, 18 March 2013. "Fukushima 10 years on: Nuclear power clean and green?" Guest speaker Dr Peter Karamoskos.

Peter Underwood speaks on Hiroshima

On Sunday 16 December Dr Peter Underwood spoke on the ABC's Occam's razor on his trip to Hiroshima for the IPPNWi meeting in August.

MAPW National Newsletter Spring 2012

This issue of MAPW's national newsletter features a report by Dr Jenny Grounds on the biennial IPPNWi Congress in Hiroshima

Dr Sue Wareham hands over Yokohama postcards to Australian Government

Postcards calling on Australia not to fuel another nuclear catastrophe, were signed by Japanese people in Yokohama in January 2012 at the Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World. They were addressed to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (see picture below).

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