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MAPW letter to Minister for Foreign Affairs 'Re: Goldstone Report and alleged crimes in Gaza war', December 2009

MAPW President Dr Bill Williams' letter to Hon Stephen Smith, MP expressing concern and seeking further information on Australia's recent vote at the UN on the adoption of the Goldstone Report.

MAPW President Dr Bill Williams : Prospects for peace in Afghanistan

MAPW President Dr Bill Williams has written to Australian Minister for Defence Senator John Faulkner, congratulating the Minister for not committing additional Australian troops to Afghanistan.

MAPW letter to Minister of Defence : 'Australian troops in Afghanistan', November 2009

Letter from MAPW President Dr Bill Williams to Australian Minister for Defence Senator John Faulkner congratulating the Minister for not committing additional Australian troops to Afghanistan. The letter outlines the costs of the war in terms of human security and gives MAPW suggestions for building towards a consensus for regional peace in Afghanistan.

MAPW urges humanitarian treatment of Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers

MAPW President Bill Williams has written a letter to Immigration Minister Chris Evans, urging that Australia’s response to Sri Lankan asylum seekers be humanitarian, and in accordance with international human rights law.

MAPW letter to Minister: Sri Lankan Refugees - October 2009

October 26 2009: Letter from MAPW President Dr Bill Williams to Australia's Minister for Immigration Senator Chris Evans, concerning the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka; the world-wide increase in people seeking asylum; and the need for Australia to address the arrival of refugees in a humanitarian fashion, and in line with international human rights standards.

Film: Burma videos from civilians

Event Date: 
Sun, 27/09/2009 - 18:00

Though risking torture and life in jail, courageous young citizens of Burma insist on keeping up the flow of news from their closed country using small handycams. Burma Campaign Australia.

  • When: Sunday 27 September, 6pm.

Afghanistan invasion anniversary action

Event Date: 
Mon, 12/10/2009 - 12:00

This event is now going to be at 12.00 on the Saturday following the invasion anniversary.

Sue Bolton will have the latest details: 0413 377 978

Jerusalem - The Occupation of Memory

Event Date: 
Wed, 16/09/2009 - 18:45

Saree Makdisi, Professor of English and Comparative Literature at UCLA, will present the Edward Said Lecture. Copies of Prof. Makdisi’s book, 'Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation', will be available for sale.

MAPW statement on detention of Tamils in Sri Lanka: August 2009

Dr Sue Wareham OAM, President of MAPW, released a statement on August 18 August 2009, regarding the detention of Tamils following the recent conflict in Sri Lanka. The statment noted that approximately 300,000 Tamils are still detained in refugee camps in Sri Lanka and the health effects are of grave concern.

Afghanistan forum

Event Date: 
Sun, 18/10/2009 - 14:00 - 17:00

A public forum organised by Pax Christi to debate the issues of Afhanistan's misplaced refugees.

More details closer to the event.

  • When: Sunday 18 October, 2-5pm
  • Where: Centre for Theology & Ministry, 1 Morrison Close (the lane between Ormond and St Hilda's Colleges), Parkville
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