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Iraq ten years on: How highly did the children rate

From the IPAN forum held in Melbourne19 march 2013 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, this is the presentation given by MAPW President Dr Jenny Grounds.

"Price of Iraq War too great to repeat": Dr Sue Wareham in Canberra Times

MAPW Vice-President Dr Sue Wareham questions the ethics and legality of the Iraq war in an opinion piece published  by the Canberra Times.

Establishing an Arms Trade Treaty: MAPW, 2013

The Strange Difficulty of Establishing an Arms Trade Treaty: a paper written by psychiatrist Dr Peter Wigg in early 2013 discussing the international weapons trade in the light of his recent experiences caring for victims of war in the Middle East, and describing negotiations at the UN to establish the first ever international treaty controlling the trade in arms.

Let's talk about Iraq

Dr Sue Wareham, MAPW Vice-President, argues in today's Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers that the 10th anniversary of the massive anti-war demonstrations around Australia and across the world, is a fitting occasion for an inquiry into Australia's participation in the Iraq war.

MAPW urges genuine peace process to resolve Israel — Palestine conflict in Gaza

MAPW has issued a statement reflecting on the recent armed conflict between Israel and Palestine in Gaza, calling for moves to ease suffering, and to work towards peace and the removal of nuclear weapons.

MAPW statement on Israel — Palestine conflict in Gaza: December 2012

This statement by MAPW considers the health and humanitarian outcomes of Israel's blockade of Gaza; the need of all parties to comply with international humanitarian law; the costs of the November conflict in terms of deaths and injuries; and the humanitarian catastrophe that would be caused by any use of Israel's nuclear weapons.

Health and inequality in West Papua, thesis, August 2012

Invisible victims: the effects of structural violence on infant and child mortality in Papua Barat, Indonesia in the context of Human Rights is a Masters thesis by Stella Roos Peters of Utrecht University submitted August 20, 2012.

Death of Major-General Stretton, Iraq war critic, goes unmarked

In today's Canberra Time (14 November), MAPW member Dr Sue Wareham OAM asks why the death of Major- General Alan Stretton has been overlooked. Dr Wareham writes:

Iraq war inquiry. Dr Jenny Grounds. October 2012

Why did we go to war in Iraq is a paper presented to the World Matters Literary Festival, 20 October 2012 by Dr Jenny Grounds, President of MAPW and member of the Iraq War Inquiry Group.

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