Guam's US bases: Chamoru activists

Event Date: 
Tue, 17/06/2008 - 19:19

Chamoru activists from Guahan (Guam) will speak on plans for massive expansion of the US military based on their homeland. Lisa Natividad and Julian Aguin are inspiring speakers who are touring Australia with fares funded by the Society of Friends (Quakers).

Venue: AMWU Offices, 229 Greenhill Rd, Dulwich.

Guam: militarisation and independance

Event Date: 
Sat, 07/06/2008 - 19:00

Dinner hosted by NSW Branch of MAPW, with special guests Lisa Natividad and Julian Aguon.

Chamoru activists from Guahan (Guam), Lisa Natividad and Julian Aguon, are campaigning against new US military bases, and for indigenous self-determination for their Micronesian island.

All MAPW members warmly invited.

Australian military intervention and the Fiji 2006 coup. Fiji Human Rights Commission - 2008

In November 2006 the Australian Blackhawk helicopter crash off Kadavu (Fiji) drew attention to the fact that our SAS were on the Kanimbla in Fiji waters prior to the 2006 coup. A new report - by the Fiji Human Rights Commission which is an active supporter of the current Fiji interim administration - argues that Australia's intervention was illegal.

Australia's non-proliferation and disarmament diplomacy. Richard Leaver - 2000

An analysis of Australia's role in nuclear disarmament in recent years and options for the future, by Richard Leaver, Senior Lecturer, School of Political and International Studies, Flinders University, and academic specialising in international affairs. Paper from MAPW Conference 2000.

Dr Anne Noonan

Position within MAPW: 
Co-Coordinator of MAPW in New South Wales

nsw [at] mapw [dot] org [dot] au 
or via MAPW Executive Officer: (03) 9023 1958 or 0431 475 465

Professional Qualifications: 
Current field of medicine: 

Psychiatry, including in remote Indigenous communities in Central Australia

Special areas of interest: 
The connection between human rights and health; conflict resolution in Australia and our region.

Long term member of MAPW. Interested in facilitating the ongoing relationship with orther peace organisations such as WILPFi and CPACSi at Sydney University. Speaks Italian and French.


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