Emotions and the criticism of war: MAPW paper 5, Joy Damousi, September 2012 (printer version)

This two-page paper is the fifth in MAPW's series on War and Militarism. Written by historian Professor Joy Damousi, it considers the emotional responses which have become part of any debate about war or about Australia's military history, including the discussion of Anzac day.

Promoting security: militarism or diplomacy: MAPW paper 4, John Langmore, July 2012 (printer version)

Promoting security: militarism or diplomacy is the fourth in MAPW's War and militarism series.

War is a health hazard, MAPW paper 2, Jenny Grounds, March 2012 (printer version)

The second in a series on war and militarism in Australia, this two-page paper by MAPW President Dr Jenny Grounds discusses the effects of war on health - both by destroying human life and health and the environment that supports us, and by diverting resources from health care and human wellbeing. Written March 2012.

All the way with the USA? How Darwin received its US troops

Justin Tutty, from Darwin's Basewatch organisation, reviews the first year of US troops being circulated through Darwin, noting that the priority for the first 250 Marines was to created a good impression - which may be more difficult to achieve as numbers rise in coming years. First published in Crikey.

Australia's trade in arms: MAPW paper 6, Michelle Fahy, October 2012 (printer version)

No 6 in MAPW's War and Militarism series, this paper, written by researcher and writer Michelle Fahy, looks at Australia's arms export industry, the lack of transparency and information on this significant trade, and the need for international regulation.

Death of Major-General Stretton, Iraq war critic, goes unmarked

In today's Canberra Time (14 November), MAPW member Dr Sue Wareham OAM asks why the death of Major- General Alan Stretton has been overlooked. Dr Wareham writes:

Will Clinton talks make war more likely?

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, in a media release issued today, has queried whether the visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Defence Secretary Leon Panetta for AUSMIN talks with our Defence Minister Stephen Smith, will consolidate agreements for the use of Australian territory by US mi

IPAN Media Release: US bases and Clinton-Panetta AUSMIN visit, November 2012

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network Media Release, 14 November 2012: implications of Clinton-Panetta visit to Perth for AUSMIN, November 2012, for US bases, the nature of the US alliance, and Australia's involvement in future wars. Spokesperson Professor Richard Tanter.

Iraq war inquiry. Dr Jenny Grounds. October 2012

Why did we go to war in Iraq is a paper presented to the World Matters Literary Festival, 20 October 2012 by Dr Jenny Grounds, President of MAPW and member of the Iraq War Inquiry Group.

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