Lucas Heights reactor

Secrets, lies and uranium enrichment: 2004 Greenpeace report on Silex

"Secrets, lies and uranium enrichment" is a report produced by Greenpeace Australia, in 2004, on the classified Silexi project at Lucas Heights.

Lucas Heights reactor

MAPW opposed the replacement of the Lucas Heights reactor, in Sydney's Sutherland Shire, when the existing reactor was due for replacement in 2007.
MAPW did not accept the argument that the primary purpose of the reactor was for the production of medical isotopes, arguing that these isotopes can be imported while they continue to be used.

Radiation standards from a community perspective. Dr Gary Smith - 2000

A local government and community perspective.

Conference paper presented to the MAPW National Conference in 2000 by Dr Gary Smith, principal environmental scientist, Sutherland Shire Council, NSW. Considers radiation exposures and standards from a community perspective, in reference to the Lucas Heights reactor.


A new clear direction: Securing nuclear medicine for the next generation. MAPW - 2004

This 2004 MAPW study concluded that the new nuclear reactor then planned (and since built) at Lucas Heights in Sydney, was not needed for medical purposes. It describes the argument that the reactor was needed for nuclear medicine, as a "myth", arguing that isotopes can be imported, produced in some cases without a reactor, or that other diagnostic procedures can be used.

Research reactors and nuclear weapons capability. Dr Jim Green - 2000

Dr Jim Green discusses the links between research reactors and nuclear weapons proliferation, including plutonium production, diversion of highly enriched uranium, weapons related research, production of isotopes for use in nuclear weapons and finally the political elements of weapons proliferation. Dr Green was then a member of Sutherland Shire Council's Nuclear Reactor Taskfor

Australian regulatory framework and radiation protection standards. Dr John Loy - 2000

Dr John Loy, Chief Executive Officer of ARPANSAi, addresses the 2000 MAPW Conference, r

Reprocessing Australia's high level nuclear waste. Stephen Campbell - 2000

The Australian government, while being well aware that the political fix called reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel will disappear, has a speculative strategy for deailing with this dea

The management of radioactive wastes and the disposal of plutonium. Dr Frank Barnaby - 2000

Dr Frank Barnaby outlines the categories of radioactive wastes, the need for a policy on disposal and management of plutonium and its inherent nuclear weapons proliferation aspects. Paper presented at the 2000 MAPW National Conference.

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