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Protest against SA Govt defence plans

Event Date: 
Wed, 01/07/2009 - 13:00 - 14:00

In protest against the State Governments wish to make South Australia into "the defence state of Australia", a singing protest has been organised by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (SA).

"Scarred Lands" film with MAPW speaker

Event Date: 
Tue, 07/07/2009 - 19:00 - 20:00
South Brisbane

Film Screening with Guest Speakers:
Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War

MAPW: Defence policy ignores public opinion

An MAPW analysis of community submissions on the 2009 Defence White Paper confirms that the report on these submissions ignored a widespread call for peace-making to take priority over military approaches to Australia's security.

Australian veterans' mental health: MAPW list of references, 2009

A list of key academic references, available on-line, relating to the mental health of Australian Defence Forces veterans. Compiled by MAPW student member Raymun Ghumann in May 2009.

MAPW response, Community Consultation report, Defence White Paper: updated June 2009

MAPW took seriously the offer to participated in the Defence Department's Community Consultation leading up to the 2009 Defence White Paper.

Analysis, submissions to Community Consultation, Defence White Paper: MAPW 2009

MAPW staff and volunteers undertook to read submissions made to the 2009 Community Consultation, after they were referred to dismissively by the Panel's report.

London: Court case victory for UK and Pacific nuclear veterans

Court victory another step in nuclear veterans' lengthy compensation battle

Over 20,000 British, Fijian, New Zealand and Australian military personnel witnessed Britain's nuclear testing program in Australia and the Pacific between 1952 and 1958.

Defence Minister Fitzgibbon and conflict of interest

Following the resignation of Joel Fitzgibbon as Defence Minister, this letter from MAPW EO Nancy Atkin was published in the The Age:

Joel Fitzgibbon has stood down over conflicts of interest. But his failure to understand such conflicts was already clear in the Minister’s handling of the Defence White Paper process.

MAPW Newsletter Winter 2009

MAPW's National Newsletter for Winter 2009 features an article from Dr Bill Williams about the movement on nuclear abolition. Furthermore, there's an update about the situation in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, as well as a Townsville report and other peace activities listed.

Public forum to voice your opinion on Defence

Community organisations and individuals interested in the direction of Australia’s defence policy will have an opportunity to present their views. MAPW and the Nautilus Institute (RMIT) are organising a Public Forum following widespread disappointment in the community consultation preceding the Defence White Paper, where submissions advocating non-military solutions to conflict appear to have been ignored.

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