Australia's arms industry

2008 Defence White Paper: MAPW submission

Submission prepared by MAPW President Sue Wareham to the Defence White Paper, covering issues raised by Dr Wareham during the community consultation around the Defence Department's discussion paper, Key Questions for Defence in the 21st Century.

The spread of arms in the Asia-Pacific: MAPW and partners, 2008

The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing market for armaments in the world. This fact sheet describes the connection between conflict in the region, and Australia's past arms exports. It is No 2 in a series on the global weapons trade.

The problem of arms fairs: MAPW and partners, 2008

In August 2008, an arms fair planned for Adelaide, South Australia, was cancelled after public protest and a growing campaign to protest at the fair. Three weeks later, an arms fair planned for Ottawa in Canada was cancelled after a public campaign. This fact sheet is No 5 in a series on the global arms trade, and looks at the role of these weapons trade fairs.

Australia's growing military industry: MAPW and partners, 2008

Although small by world standards, Australia has a significant industry involved in the manufacture and sales of armaments and military equipment. This fact sheet describes Australia's arms earnings and arms exports, and is No 1 in a series on the global weapons trade.

MAPW supporters celebrate arms fair cancellation

MAPW received dozens of enthusiastic messages congratulating us and our partner organisations on our successful campaign to close the arms fair planned for Adelaide in November. Here are just some:

MAPW media release: Stopping war fair good for health

8 SEPTEMBER 2008. MAPW President Dr Sue Wareham OAM praised the decision to cancel the Asia-Pacific Defence and Security Exhibition (APDSE) which had been planned to open in Adelaide on 11 November.

Peace movement stops arms fair

Monday 8 September 2008

The arms fair planned for Adelaide has been cancelled. Read MAPW Media Release, 8 September 2008.

The major Asia-Pacific Defence and Security Exhibition (APDSE) was due to open on Remembrance Day, 11 November. 

Top 200 Approved Defence Exports July-December 2006

Answer supplied to Democrats Senator Lyn Allison's Question on Notice regarding the 200 largest defence exports approved in the last half of 2006.  Includes destination country and monetary value of exports.

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