Australia's arms industry

Analysis, submissions to Community Consultation, Defence White Paper: MAPW 2009

MAPW staff and volunteers undertook to read submissions made to the 2009 Community Consultation, after they were referred to dismissively by the Panel's report.

Defence Minister Fitzgibbon and conflict of interest

Following the resignation of Joel Fitzgibbon as Defence Minister, this letter from MAPW EO Nancy Atkin was published in the The Age:

Joel Fitzgibbon has stood down over conflicts of interest. But his failure to understand such conflicts was already clear in the Minister’s handling of the Defence White Paper process.

Australia's Defence - where are we headed? June 2009

A joint discussion with MAPW and the Nautilus Institute (RMIT University) about the Defence White Paper and Australia's future military and nuclear power policies.

MAPW reply: Defence White Paper Community Consultation - April 2009

MAPW took seriously the offer to participated in the Defence Department's Community Consultation leading up to the 2009 Defence White Paper.

Defence Consultation shows major bias: MAPW

On Wednesday 15 April, the Department of Defence released the report on its Defence White Paper Community Consultation: Looking over the horizon: Australians consider defence.

MAPW 2008: No more arms fairs: statement launch, Festival of Peace and Remembrance

Dr Sue Wareham gave this speech at Adelaide's Festival of Peace and Remembrance on 9 November 2008. Dr Wareham launched a statement signed by 36 diverse organisations, calling for governments to cease supporting arms exhibitions, and to support industries that promote wellbeing; and launched 12 new fact sheets on the global weapons trade, and spoke about human suffering caused by wars.

MAPW 2008: Fact sheets 1-12 on the global arms trade

All 12 fact sheets on the global weapons trade prepared by MAPW with the Uniting Church, Quakers and Pax Christi; including Australia's role in armaments production; particular weapons; environmental effects of war; and particular weapons manufacturers. These fact sheets provide a succinct introduction to the human costs of weapons production.

November 2008: statement opposing arms fairs

"NO War Fair! NO APDSE! YES to Peace! is the title of a joint statement launched in November 2008, signed by 36 civil society organisations, calling on Australian and state governments, and governments of other nations, to withdraw support from all arms exhibitions, and to support industries that promote sustainability and life.

Power of Peace at the Port

On  Sunday 21 September MAPW held a peace walk, planting of a peace tree and discussion about peace in the community in Port Adelaide. The day was supported by the City of Enfield/Port Adelaide and was well attended.

Highlights included the peace walk around the streets of Port Adelaide and the planting of a peace tree by the Deputy Mayor, John Croci, J.P.

The global weapons trade: fact sheets 7-12, MAPW and partners 2008

A package of six fact sheets prepared by MAPW and partners on the global weapons trade. Individual fact sheets cover five major global weapons manufacturers; and indiscriminate weapons - cluster munitions, landmines and depleted uranium.

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