Australia's arms industry

NAAA- Eisenhower and others comments about the arms trade

 Eisenhower and others comments about the arms trade

NAAA Nuclear Weapons Briefing

 NAAA Nuclear Weapons Briefing 

MAPW Arms Trade Treaty project 2013-15

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The Arms Trade Treaty - a public health imperative

The poorly regulated $70 billion annual trade in conventional arms fuels conflict, with devastating effects on global health. The ATTaims to ‘reduce human suffering’. It prohibits arms’ sales if there is knowledge that the arms would be used in the commission of genocide, attacks against civilians, or war crimes.

The Australian arms industry. MAPW: Peter Wigg - 2013

An October 2013 account by MAPW member Dr Peter Wigg of the Australian arms industry. This was once largely state-owned and geared towards providing for the needs of Australian forces. From the 1980s it has been the deliberate policy of federal and state governments to privatise it and to promote the export of military products to generate revenue.

Australia's trade in arms: MAPW paper 6, Michelle Fahy, October 2012 (printer version)

No 6 in MAPW's War and Militarism series, this paper, written by researcher and writer Michelle Fahy, looks at Australia's arms export industry, the lack of transparency and information on this significant trade, and the need for international regulation.

Submission to DECO on Defence Trade Controls Regulations

This submission was sent to the Defence Export Control Office in February 2012. It points out the inconsistencies between the proposed bilateral trade between Australia and the United States in defence articles and Australia's intention to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty or ATT.

MAPW submission on Defence Trade Controls Regulations, enabling arms exports to USA

MAPW has made a submission to the Government, critiquing the proposed Defence Trade Controls Regulations and submitting that they would undermine the Arms Trade Treaty which Australia has helped to negotiate.

MAPW submission re draft Defence Trade Controls Regulations 2012: February 2012

MAPW's brief submission notes Australia’s active support for the ATT (Arms Trade Treaty), and submits that MAPW is very disappointed to note the proposed Defence Trade Controls Regulations which are necessary to implement a new defence trade agreement with the USA. These would appear to undermine one of the fundamental components of the ATT – transparency.

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