Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Branch is active on local nuclear issues, especially as they relate to Indigenous people. Members have queried the planning for radiological emergencies in relation to uranium mining, and in relation to proposals for a nuclear waste dump in the territory. We are actively campaigning against the proposed exploration for uranium at Angela-Pamela site only 21km from Alice Springs.

The Branch has highlighted the excess risk and costs that Indigenous people suffer from the nuclear industry, compared to the general population.

The Branch has raised concerns and worked on MAPW policy regarding the military communications base at Pine Gap.  

With existing and potential uranium mines, the Pine Gap base, and a history of nuclear weapons testing, nuclear issues have a particular relevance in the Northern Territory.

Most members are in Alice Springs, where regular meetings are held; with a small but growing number based in Darwin.

Email the branch: n [dot] t [at] mapw [dot] org [dot] au