Archive - 2012

December 18th

Human Rights Day Vigil video

On Monday 10 December members of ICANi and MAPW attended a candlelight vigil in Argyle Square in Carlton. ICANi's Takeshi has posted this Youtube of the event.

Peter Underwood speaks on Hiroshima

On Sunday 16 December Dr Peter Underwood spoke on the ABC's Occam's razor on his trip to Hiroshima for the IPPNWi meeting in August.

MAPW urges genuine peace process to resolve Israel — Palestine conflict in Gaza

MAPW has issued a statement reflecting on the recent armed conflict between Israel and Palestine in Gaza, calling for moves to ease suffering, and to work towards peace and the removal of nuclear weapons.

December 11th

Catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons

Watch the new IPPNWi presentation on the medical, humanitarian and environmental consequences of nuclear weapons and nuclear war, and the reasons why nuclear weapons must be eliminated.

December 10th

Syria's chemical weapons: IPPNW statement of concern

IPPNWi Executive is alarmed by reports that the Syrian government may be preparing to use sarin agents or other chemical weapons. Such an act would be a war crime. (MAPW is the Australian affiliate of the global IPPNWi.)

IPPNWi's statement of concern follows recent reports that suggest that the Syrian government may be preparing chemical weapons.

December 4th

Unhygienic views on radiation harm aired at conference

MAPW has again urged that robust science be used in  medical presentations on radiation health issues.

November 27th

Emeritus Professor Ian Maddocks: SA Senior Australian of the Year

The position of South Australian Senior Australian of the Year has been awarded to Emeritus Professor Ian Maddocks, Professor of Palliative Care at Flinders University, former Vice-President of IPPNWi, former President of MAPW and long-term leader of the SA Branch of MAPW.

November 14th

Arms Trade: Obama urged to ensure human rights protections

When US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta visit Perth today, Amnesty International and a coalition of NGOs, including supporters of Oxfam, Act for Peace, ActionAid and Medical Association for Prevention of War, will stage an event calling on the new Obama administration to work to ensure the highest possible human rights standards and protections are embed

Death of Major-General Stretton, Iraq war critic, goes unmarked

In today's Canberra Time (14 November), MAPW member Dr Sue Wareham OAM asks why the death of Major- General Alan Stretton has been overlooked. Dr Wareham writes:

Will Clinton talks make war more likely?

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, in a media release issued today, has queried whether the visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Defence Secretary Leon Panetta for AUSMIN talks with our Defence Minister Stephen Smith, will consolidate agreements for the use of Australian territory by US mi