Archive - 2011

December 13th

Dr Peter Karamoskos replies to "Northern Territory News" editorial on nuclear waste at Muckaty

On 6 December 2011 the Northern Territory News asserted in an editorial that the nuclear waste destined for Muckaty will be radioactive waste from hospitals and accused MAPW of "scare mongering".

December 6th

Labor sells out on nuclear non-proliferation

Following the ALP conference decision to sell uranium to India MAPW and ICANi have released a joint statement to the media expressing their disappointment that the government continues to put profits ahead of health and security.

November 29th

Is selling uranium to India legal?

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICANi) has received legal advice casting doubt on the legality of Julia Gillard's proposal that the Australian government should sell uranium to India.

November 28th

Alice Springs at risk from transport of radioactive waste: MAPW NT members

An Alice Springs-based team of doctors has completed a study of the potential risks of transport of radioactive waste materials, and launched a fact sheet to explain its findings.

November 23rd

Cluster bomb loopholes disregard purpose of global treaty

ALP Caucus votes to stick by US military and remain soft on cluster bomb ban: Cluster Munitions Coalition

22 NOVEMBER 2011: ALP caucus yesterday voted NOT to amend its widely criticised Cluster Munitions Prohibition bill to remove two loopholes that defy the whole intention of the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

November 18th

US military presence, cluster bombs, and uranium sales: MAPW members speak out

Updated 23 November: President Obama's Australian visit has sparked announcements of an expanded US military presence in Australia -raising the possibility of storage of banned cluster bombs - while the PM has made clear her intention to change policy on uranium sales to India. Our members have spoken on radio, and once again written numerous letters to the media.

November 16th

Send a Sock to Stephen: MAPW supports cluster bombs campaign

MAPW has joined organisations around Australia to send socks to Defence Minister Stephen Smith as a sad reminder of the human costs of cluster bombs.

Draft legislation before the Government would seriously weaken the important international treaty which bans cluster munitions.

November 15th

India uranium sales would increase nuclear war risk: MAPW key resources

The Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) has called on the Government and the ALP to lead the world towards the abolition of nuclear weapons, rather than risking nuclear weapons proliferation by selling Australian uranium to nuclear-armed India.

November 8th

Letter supports monument to indigenous warriors

 Letter, Canberra Times, 8 November 2011. The following letter from MAPW Vice President, Dr Sue Wareham, was published (although without its second paragraph) in the Canberra Times on 8 November. The letter is in support of Professor Tim Flannery's call for a monument to honour those who fought against the European colonisation of the Australian continent.

October 26th

MAPW urges Australia, CHOGM, to act on Sri Lanka human rights

MAPW has written to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, urging that the Government request CHOGM to demand that the Government of Sri Lanka allow an independent and transparent inquiry into allegations of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other human rights violations. We have proposed that Australia support sanctions from CHOGM, against Sri Lanka, if this does not occur: