Sanctions: Iraq

Sanctions on Iraq

MAPW policy adopted in 2002

MAPW says that the sanctions against Iraq should be lifted for five main reasons:

  1. While the Iraqi government has removed the political rights of the Iraqi people, the UN Security Council has removed their right to food, medical care, clean water, education and hope for the future. Innocent people, and especially children, are being punished for crimes they have not committed.
  2. The Iraqi leader and government, whose actions led to the imposition of the sanctions, is not affected by them, but is politically strengthened.
  3. In a region already tense and heavily militarised, Iraqi resentment is increasing – and, in this context, let us not forget the example of Germany’s resentment of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I and Hitler’s subsequent rise to power.
  4. The sanctions are not helping keep Iraq disarmed, as the Iraqi government has ready access to oil sales outside the sanctions regime for military purchases. Iraqi civilians do not have such access to funds.
  5. The Security Council, through its violation of the spirit of the UN charter, is severely undermining the authority and legitimacy of the whole UN system.