Nuclear vessels visits

Visits of nuclear powered and/or capable ships and aircraft

MAPW policy adopted 1986


The nuclear arms race deprives millions of people of basic human needs and threatens all life on earth.

The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) opposes all preparations to use nuclear weapons and Australia's involvement in these preparations.

MAPW (Australia) opposes any system that seeks to maintain peace by the threat of nuclear annihilation.

MAPW (Australia) recognises the risks posed by the presence of nuclear powered ships and nuclear capable ships and aircraft in Australia's ports and airfields.

These risks are:

1. the significant risk of nuclear reactor and nuclear weapons accident;
2. the risk of terrorist attack; and
3. the risk of attack in the event of a nuclear exchange.

Each of these events could result in radioactive contamination or the destruction of a major population centre. There can be no adequate medical response to such contamination or destruction.


MAPW (Australia) opposes the hosting by Australia of visits by nuclear powered ships or nuclear capable ships and aircraft.