Nuclear chain

Uranium mining and nuclear power in Australia

MAPW policy adopted in 1987


MAPW (Australia) opposing all preparations to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons and strongly supporting the abolition of all nuclear weapons, recognizes the following:

  1. The nuclear fuel cycle, particularly nuclear power reactors, plays a significant role in the horizontal and vertical proliferation of nuclear weapons.
  2. The consequences of human and technical failure in reactor systems can be disastrous, global and long term in their effects, able to affect many future human generations. The continued existence of the world's people must not depend on the perfect functioning of such fallible technology.
  3. The targeting of nuclear power stations in either nuclear or conventional war would in the former case significantly increase the radiological burden for survivors, and in the latter case, convert it into a nuclear war.
  4. There are no tested and secure methods for the long-term disposal of nuclear waste.
  5. The need to ensure the existence of facilities to safely produce, store and dispose of isotopes for medical, research and peaceful industrial uses. Such facilities must not in any way be linked with the nuclear fuel cycle.


MAPW (Australia) opposes:

  1. the mining of uranium in Australia and its export from Australia.
  2. the design, construction and commissioning of nuclear power stations, enrichment and reprocessing plants, and waste storage and disposal facilities anywhere in Australia.