Iraq war

War on Iraq

MAPW policy adopted in January 2003

MAPW is strongly opposed to either a unilateral or "UN sanctioned" attack on Iraq.

  1. The human and environmental costs of such a war will be identical whether there is UN Security Council authority or not, and cannot be justified.
  2. An attack on Iraq will almost certainly result in dangerous instability not only in Iraq but in the region and further a field. Hatred and the terrorism which arises from hatred will be strengthened.
  3. War against Iraq in the current circumstances would greatly, and possibly irreversibly, undermine the whole UN system. The UN Security Council has been entrusted with the fulfillment of the most fundamental purpose of the UN - "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war". The UN Security Council must not become a tool of its most powerful member state.
  4. All five permanent members of the UN Security Council are in violation of their legal obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to eliminate their nuclear weapons. War authorised by the UN Security Council on the pretext of getting rid of weapons of mass destruction would be grossly hypocritical.
  5. War is the worst way to approach the problem of any weapons of mass destruction, because war causes mass destruction itself, and risks use of the these very weapons.