The Medical Association for Prevention of War has an active membership made up of health care professionals from a range of backgrounds. MAPW is in a unique position to offer expert medical commentators on numerous issues, including peace, nuclear issues, human rights and alternatives to nuclear technology.

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Media Profiles

Name Position within MAPW Special areas of interest
Dr Peter Karamoskos Treasurer Health effects of radiation, including low level radiation; proliferation dangers of highly enriched uranium in nuclear medicine
Associate Professor Tilman Ruff Co-President, IPPNW Nuclear weapons, biological weapons, nuclear power and the links between civil and military nuclear industries. Iraq.
Dr Sue Wareham OAM President and ACT Branch Coordinator Dr Wareham has a broad range of expertise. Her recent focus with MAPW has been on Australia's military strategy; and on the environmental costs of war. She is also an expert on the hazards of the nuclear industry.
Dr Margaret Beavis Secretary Nuclear weapons, nuclear industry, environment, human costs of war
Dr Anne Noonan Co-Coordinator of MAPW in New South Wales The connection between human rights and health; conflict resolution in Australia and our region.
Professor Peter Underwood Former Coordinator, Western Australia Branch Primary Health Care policy, practice, research and evaluation; international and community health; medical education and training; medical anthropology and social medicine; ecological and environmental public health; sustainable health systems.
Dr Daniele Viliunas Coordinator, Queensland Branch Dr Viliunas plays an active role in MAPW's international work with IPPNW
Dr Sally Attrill Coordinator, Tasmania Branch
Dr Jason Garrood Former Vice President, active SA member Nuclear weapons, landmines, renewable energy and nuclear power, and the psychological aspects of radiation exposure.
Dr Amanda Ruler National Vice-President & coordinator, South Australian Branch Amanda has long term interests in global sustainability, peace promotion, justice, human rights and the impact of war.
Ms Lynne Saville Co Coordinator, New South Wales Branch Abolition of nuclear weapons; sustainability and health.
Dr Rosalie Schultz Former Secretary, Northern Territory Branch Public health, international health and Aboriginal health